Itzy being a mess during mitm era

Itzy chaotic moment from Mafia in the morning era. Itzy making studio choom their playground. Ryujin became a solo artist and introduced itzy units. Itzy voting out yeji as mafia again, yeji getting upset. Ryujin and Chaeryeong’s elegant hand gesture after stealing Yuna’s question. Lia accident elbowing Yeji during mv shooting. itzy mitm dance practice day version is so cute and funny. YeRyuRyeong fighting over an envelope. RyuRyeong catching the staffs. Lia twerking again and Chaeryeong covering her. Yuna knock over the plant prop while playing. Ryujin and lia mistakes while filming. Ryujin seaweed hairstyle. Yeji stealing Yuna’s envelope. itzy become airbender with the candles. Ryujin pranking Yeji by hiding her question. Yuna covering Yeji from the camera. Itzy imitating sleeping yeji. yeji and Chaeryeong roomate relationship. itzy being yeji’s fangirls.

3:56 In case you misunderstood; the verbs in the narrative text are used playfully , so don’t take it seriously.


I made this video because Itzy’s new album is coming and as a throwback to their previous album and activities; here are the moments that are just out of control and I find really entertaining that you should watch again. I edited and highlighted those moments, and transformed it to make it more funnier and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!

I personally edited every part of this video! See channel’s “About” for more info.

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