ITZY being a mess during icy era

Icy era is itzy’s 1st comeback with their 1st mini album. Icy costume version is so adorable. Yeji and Ryujin’s telephatic message to buy chocolat works. Ryujin pranking Yeji with her selfie. Lia and Yuna being loud twins in asmr. itzy being peas in a pod during isac behind the scene. Itzy cf bts having water gun fight and the floating duck fight in the pool. In an interview, Lia forgot that she’s an idol only remember after seeing her in tv. Yeji break her bone while strecthing with flexible Yuna. Yeji, Chaeryeon and Yuna singing frozen’s let it go and into the unknown. Itzy in harry poter hogwarts theme fan meet, with Yuna tweking. Itzy birthday surprised for Yuna, with Ryujin whinning, Yeji acting and Chaeryeong tricking Yuna. Itzy being a chaotic mess during icy era.


I made this video to do some throwbacks to still rookie itzy and to their previous activities and bts of their very 1st mini album Itz’ Icy with title track Icy. I edited every part of the clips to transform and make it more funnier and story ridden as much as possible. Hope you enjoy!

I personally edited every part of this video! See channel’s “About” for more info.

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