Dancer reacts to NCT 127 ‘Kick It’ & ITZY ‘IT’z SUMMER’- Dance Practices

Hi mi ngi. y l Gen Y In The Building, knh youtube c lp ra bi nhng ngi thuc th h Y vi mong mun chia s nhng quan im, kin v cc sn phm/topic lin quan ti Kpop, c bit l Kpop th h mi. D kh bn rn nhng bn mnh vn mun lm youtube, mt phn cuc sng vui ti hn, v mt phn bi v bn mnh ngh s c ai mun lng nghe nhng suy ngh ca bn mnh nhng ngi tng i trng thnh – v mt vn Kpop.

Hi vng mi ngi s thch content ca knh nh ^.^

Nu thc s thch video hy nhn like v subcribe knh theo di tip cc video react khc! Cm n mi ngi!!!!


Dancer reacts to NCT 127 ‘Kick It’ & ITZY ‘IT’z SUMMER’- Dance Practices.

Link gc ca MV/ Original video:

ITZY “IT’z SUMMER” Dance Practice

NCT 127 127 ‘ (英雄; Kick It)’ Dance Practice


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