Itzy being a mess during wannabe era

Itzy being a chaotic mess. Yuna unintentionally hurting Ryujin’s feeling after ignoring her letter. Wannabe era cheers are my favorite “itzy! midzy! wannabe! woo!” Yuna gaying during warming up. In itzy Halloween party, lia want to be the grinch, ryujn want to be the girl from welcome to dongmakgol, Yuna wants to be the groot and Yeji want to be light furry. Lia’s legendary wannabe strawberry costume. Yeji and Yuna practicing 24 hour. Yuna’s smiling with teeth. Ryujin’s dad joke about melting cone. Ryujin watched R-rated movie. Lia and Yeji switch part. Chaeryeong and Yuna massaging each other. Itzy lowkey disrespecting each other. jinlia teasing angry Yeji. Chaeryeong’s message to midzy received standing ovation from itzy. YuLia stealing managers snacks. Lia screaming during thigh wrestling.


I made this video because this is my favorite era and also to do some throwbacks to itzy previous activities and bts of their mini album with title track Wannabe. I edited every part of the clips to transform and make it more funnier and story ridden as much as possible. Hope you enjoy!

I personally edited every part of this video! See channel’s “About” for more info.

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