Itzy crazy in love live in a nutshell *pure mess*

6:36 Ryujin is doing Chaeryeong’s spoiler but with more detail. Chaeryeong did a *bow* and *sip* as her spoiler for loco.

Itzy had their spoiler live on the release of the opening trailer of crazy in love album. Itzy spoil their song too much during this live. Itzy having fun tickling her unnies with the pointing stick. Chaeryeong protecting and covering itzy every time they try to spoil. Yuna thought 6 albums means they have 6 members. Yeji and Ryujin revealing their new hair is a fail. Chaeryeong got angry when midzy are moving on to Loco when Yuna didn’t believe when Chaeryeong said her favorite song is mafia in the morning. Yuna reveal a deleted scene from the opening trailer. Lia said the sofa is cute instead of Ryujin. Yuna laughing after smelling Yeji’s hat. Lia poking Ryujin’s butt.


I made this video to transform the long and boring live into an entertaining one. I highligted the important scene and make those comedic. The video is more on text narrative dependent since I made story line for most of the part, Hope you enjoy!

I personally edited every part of this video! See channel’s “About” for more info.

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